Law Skool!

Yesterday, I managed to tick off more stuff from my list of resolutions this year.

Firstly, I finished filling up my professional registration forms for Chartered Engineer. Next stop, sending them off and working through the process – there’s still an interview to get through but at least, I’ve taken the first step.

Next, I received the results of my law school application – I got in! So, I’ll be studying law part-time next. I look forward to finishing all the modules as quickly as I possibly can. This means that I’ve accomplished 37.5% of my resolutions.


Some people have asked me why I want to study law – haven’t I done enough studying throughout my life, all through to a PhD?

My motivations, as always, are entirely selfish. I am studying law because I have a knack for it and I have come to realise that I need it more and more. Once you start doing adult things like have mortgages and debts, the law starts to get real interesting.

Did you know, that lawyers make an insane amount of money doing simple conveyance work?

I have been engaging lawyers more and have realised that it is far easier to talk to lawyers if I know how things work. So, I am studying law for the purpose of knowledge. I’d also like to do some simple legal stuff for myself. Therefore, I will pick and choose what I need, versus market needs.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be cool after this – offering both technical and legal consulting.


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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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