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Oh my goodness. I had so many good things happen to me today but I’ve decided to blog about them another time because this just pissed me off! JAIS JAKIM has come up with guidelines on for Muslims celebration non-Muslim festivals.


I have learned today that it is now ill-advised for non-Muslims to invite Muslims to attend and participate in any sort of religious festivities. Come on, if it is a religious festivity, there’s definitely going to be some amount of religious activity going on.

Instead of understanding and building bridges, our religious authorities are building walls.

Let’s be frank, the rest of us get Islamic rites shoved down our throats throughout our lives. Islamic prayers are recited at almost every function including at school assemblies. The rest of us maintain a respectful silence when this goes on but if the reverse were to happen, the Muslims would risk being fined or charged in court.

Now, I wonder what would happen if the non-Muslims followed the JAIS guidelines, but in reverse instead? It would be thorough chaos. No matter what the politicians say, Malaysia is not an Islamic state.

I shall produce the guidelines here ad-verbatim:

The 68th muzakarah of the National Fatwa Committee for Islamic Religious Affairs on April 12, 2005 discussed the Guidelines For Muslims Celebrating Religious Festivals Of Non-Muslims. The muzakarah has decided that:

In determining the non-Muslim celebrations that can be attended by Muslims, several main criteria should serve as guidelines so as not to contradict the teachings of Islam. The criteria are as follows:

  1. The event is not accompanied by ceremonies that are against the Islamic faith (aqidah).

    The meaning of “against the Islamic faith (aqidah)” is a thing, act, word or situation which if conducted will lead to tarnishing the faith (aqidah) of Muslims.

    For example:

    • to include religious symbols such as the cross, installing lights, candles, Christmas tree and so forth;
    • to sing religious songs;
    • to put any religious markings on the forehead, or other markings onto parts of the body;
    • to deliver speech or gestures in the form of a praise to the non-Muslim religion;
    • to bow or conduct acts of honour to the religious ceremony of non-Muslims.
  2. The event is not accompanied by acts against the Islamic law.

    The meaning of “against the Islamic law” is a thing, act, word or situation which if conducted will contradict the Islamic teachings practised by the Muslim community.

    For example:

    • Wearing red costumes like Santa Claus or other garments that reflect religion;
    • Serving intoxicating food or beverages and the likes;
    • Having sounds or ornaments like church bells, Christmas tree, temple or breaking of coconuts;
    • Having ceremonies with elements of gaming, worship, cult, superstitions and the likes.
  3. The event is not accompanied by “acts that contradict with moral and cultural development of Muslim society” in this country.

    The meaning of “acts that contradict with moral and cultural development of Muslim society” is a thing, act, word or situation which if conducted will contradict the values and norms of the Muslim society of this country which adheres to the Islamic teachings based on Ahlus Sunnah Wal-Jamaah.

    For example:

    • Mixing freely without any limit or manners;
    • Wearing conspicuous clothing;
    • Singing songs that contain lyrics of obscenity and worship;
    • Organising programmes such as beauty pageants, cock fighting and such.
  4. The event is not accompanied by acts that can “stir the sensitivity of Muslim community”.

    The meaning of “stir the sensitivity of Muslim community” is a thing, act, word or situation which if conducted will offend the feelings of Muslims about their beliefs and practices.

    For Example:

    • Speeches or songs in the form of non-Muslim religious propaganda;
    • Speeches that insult the Muslims;
    • Speeches that insult Islam;
    • Presentations with the aim to ridicule the religious belief of Muslims.
  5. The organisers and the public are asked to get the views of religious authorities before organising or attending celebrations of non-Muslims.

Update@2011-08-22: As rightly pointed out below, the guidelines are from JAKIM.

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3 thoughts on “Hancur 1Malaysia”

  1. The guideline is from JAKIM, a different body from JAIS. JAIS only has jurisdiction in Selangor, but JAKIM, the whole Malaysia. Seems to me, this is another attempt of divide and conquer. After exhausted the race issue, now religion is being used.

    1. Thanks for pointing out that it’s by JAKIM. My bad!

      That said, you’re right in that it is a stoopid guideline designed to split people up. In the old days, there was no need for such craziness and everyone got along fine.

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