End of Exams

English: Part of the A Game Of Thrones board g...
English: Part of the A Game Of Thrones board game in progress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I sat for my final Law exam paper this morning. It was an exhausting affair and I had to resort to eating energy bars during the exams otherwise, my brain was blanking out.

Anyway, I have to say that my question spotting skills are still spot on. This time around, I had a 97.5% accuracy in spotting the questions. It helps that I’m also a lecturer.

I have not written so much in ages – 20 essays in 15 hours. All that writing takes a toll. My fingers are still aching and I think that my thumb will hurt for a few more days.

I dare say that I know the gist of Malaysian legal history – how English Law made its way into this country and the lasting impact it has had on our legal system. Our legal system is a curious creature and begs to be studied in more detail.

I dare say that I know about marriages and divorces – under Islamic family Law. Learning divine law was a pain for an atheist like me. I just had to learn it as it was. It has led me to a better understanding of why some people think and act they way they do.

I dare say that I know a thing or two about contracts – how to make them and how to get out of them. This was probably my favourite paper as it is so orderly and structured. Or maybe it’s just because of my business dealings and industrial experience.

I dare say that I know the basics of tort and liability – though I did try my very best to steer clear of negligence. This was an eye-opening subject for me to learn as it forces one to dig deep for answers and tests our core values.

I dare say that I know more about our Constitution today than I did a year ago – it is extremely depressing being a student of Malaysian Constitutional Law though I do see some light at the end of the tunnel.

All in all, I think that the last year of learning Law has been a great experience for me. I think that I am now richer because of the experience. It has taught me how to see things from a totally different angle.

I do hope that I’ll be able to go onto learn more interesting things next year but for now, I have a 3-month break from studying. This will give me an opportunity to catch up on some reading.

Game of Thrones, here I come!

Law Skool!

Yesterday, I managed to tick off more stuff from my list of resolutions this year.

Firstly, I finished filling up my professional registration forms for Chartered Engineer. Next stop, sending them off and working through the process – there’s still an interview to get through but at least, I’ve taken the first step.

Next, I received the results of my law school application – I got in! So, I’ll be studying law part-time next. I look forward to finishing all the modules as quickly as I possibly can. This means that I’ve accomplished 37.5% of my resolutions.


Some people have asked me why I want to study law – haven’t I done enough studying throughout my life, all through to a PhD?

My motivations, as always, are entirely selfish. I am studying law because I have a knack for it and I have come to realise that I need it more and more. Once you start doing adult things like have mortgages and debts, the law starts to get real interesting.

Did you know, that lawyers make an insane amount of money doing simple conveyance work?

I have been engaging lawyers more and have realised that it is far easier to talk to lawyers if I know how things work. So, I am studying law for the purpose of knowledge. I’d also like to do some simple legal stuff for myself. Therefore, I will pick and choose what I need, versus market needs.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be cool after this – offering both technical and legal consulting.


Excited over Law

Received this in the mail yesterday.

I have taken the first step. Now, I’ll need to wait to see if it is successful. Also, I just filed my taxes recently and noticed that there are some tax deductions for academic fees. I guess that this will qualify! I wonder if I can withdraw some of my EPF savings to pay for the fees too. That should help a lot.