Pot, Kettle, Rot

I am not sure if Zaid is a trojan horse or not, as some parties are insinuating. However, I know that he is at least saying and doing the right things. After reading the letter in MT by Sivarasa, I decided to look up Zaid’s original piece. Needless to say, I did not find anything remotely wrong in the original statement entitled, “Empowering Keadilan”.

I am totally disillusioned by PKR simply because it is unable to get it’s act together. When I say that, I mean – focus on the plot – and not unite and close ranks. Internal dissent is actually a very good thing for a political party. I hate all these ‘tow the line’ and ‘behind closed doors’ crap, which is totally against the spirit of democracy and freedom of speech. Now, the trouble is that PKR stands for Parti KeAnwaran Rakyat in my mind. It has always been that way to me, which is a shame. PKR could be so much more.

Unfortunately, Zaid is one of the few leaders inside PKR whom I think would be able to actually steer the party away from self-destruction. The party must realise that our present government seems quite determined to lock Anwar up, regardless of whether the charges are trumped up or not. So, any rational person will focus on the next logical thing, which is the bigger picture and the main plot – to save the country! That is the only way that Anwar can ever be redeemed. He may never see himself on the seat of Prime Minister but he will leave his mark on history.

That said, PKR needs to get its act together, now! They are far from the democratic ideal that they espouse. There is just too much of the ‘old ways’ inside PKR. As many people have alluded, they are the weakest link inside Pakatan Rakyat. While having direct elections for top party positions is a good start, manipulation of candidacies is just lame. While the mainstream media may be blamed for inflaming their nomination blunders, PKR must accept the fact that there is no smoke, without fire.

I am certainly at a loss to understand Zaid’s campaign strategy as he seems bent on publicly and continuously criticising the party and its leadership (which I must remind he is also part of) instead of strengthening the party, and championing the party’s policies, processes and issues including that of UMNO-BN’s persecution of Anwar.

The answer to that is a simple one Sivarasa. And if you are unable to ascertain it, you no longer deserve to be at the top.


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Shawn Tan

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