Team Player

I have managed to join and leave a number of project teams this year, outside of work, doing all sorts of random teams. Often, the main reason that I leave the team is because I cannot get along with some of the team-members. Instead of staying and causing problems, I decide to leave. Typically, the problem revolves around the fact that I find some problem with the other team-members who I feel are idiots in my book. This does not necessarily mean that they are mentally challenged, but rather just people whom I cannot reconcile opinions with.

So, I wonder to myself, if this made me a difficult person to work with. If it did, it may cause some problems in the future for my business. I think that if you asked around, many people would say that I am problematic. I sort of agreed with it as well, until I realised something.

I have managed to work on a number of projects with several teams of people recently including, organising a prestige lecture, an annual dinner and a green conference. All these were activities that I was part of, either as organising chairman or treasurer or member. In fact, I have been very actively involved in the IET, which is a professional engineering institution. I have had so much fun working with the rest of the committee that I have decided to run for a second term. If you asked these people if I was a difficult person to work with, I doubt that they would agree.

I think that this probably boils down to personality.

It just so happens that most of the committee members of the institution are professional engineers. Maybe this means that we can understand each other easily and we are able to work on the same wavelength. Therefore, I can easily gel with the rest of the team and get things done. In most of the other teams that I dropped out of, I am probably the only qualified engineer in the team and I find it difficult to understand how other people can think and act the way that they do.


So, I guess this means that I can get along with other engineers but cannot get along with other people in general. Well, this is surely far better than being a difficult person. Good thing is that I would mostly be working with other engineers only, which saves me a whole load of grief.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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