Free Condoms

I was at the Freedom Film Fest 2010 last weekend and came across a booth, which was advocating HIV/AIDS prevention/awareness programmes. Among the stuff that they were giving away, were free condoms, lube and a small information booklet. I found that quite cute.

Unfortunately, they did not seem to believe me when I mentioned that condoms do not really do much to prevent most STIs although they do play a role in preventing the transmission of HIV/AIDS through one of its vectors – sexual intercourse. Therefore, the use of condoms should be advocated as a form of safer sex and not safe sex, which may yield unexpected results.

Then, when I mentioned that there was medication that one could take for HIV/AIDS, they thought I was out of my mind. They quickly referred to their guide booklet and seemed quite smug in their knowledge that there is no medication for it. Well, while there is still a lot of work needed in the search for a cure, there is already a lot of progress made in controlling the spread of the disease through the use of anti-viral drugs.

The one thing worst than being uninformed is being misinformed. Needless to say, I did not get any free condoms, lube nor guide booklet.

After the event, some friends and I went for some supper outside and to talk-cock. Then, at one point, someone agreed that their idea of an ideal sex-education system in this country is abstinence. I got a little impassioned with this as I have a problem with people who would think that ignorance is bliss, sex is bad, homosexuality is evil.

Beware the person who denies you knowledge, for s/he seeks to dominate you. Good thing I’ll unlikely meet this person ever again.

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Shawn Tan

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3 thoughts on “Free Condoms”

  1. The problem if you say using a condom is only SAFER sex, then many people may use that as an argument not to use one, as it’s not completely safe. So your argument there sounds like you ARE advocating abstinence as safe sex. Condoms are the best contraception there is at the moment. Yes, you can get other STDs whilst wearing a condom, but at least there are not life-threatening. Is not the very fact that condoms are being given out a step in the right direction, at least young people are getting access to them when they might otherwise be too embarrassed to buy them themselves?

    And what your point for mediation being available for AIDS? Yes there is, but it is not a CURE, so advocating condom use to prevent against HIV infection is the best way to prevent the spread.

    Yes, the person who denies you knowledge has issues. But having knowledge that others don’t, and being smug about it can also make you an unpleasant person. Spreading information trying to make sure others are well-informed is a good thing, but if your aim is to score points over them then you are not going to get them to accept any wisdom you might impart. If you are better-informed, it is a consequence of your thirst for knowledge, your own hard work and intelligence, but it is also because you had the good fortune to have opportunities to gain the knowledge and to try things out, and met people who have directed you in the right direction. The so-called ‘dumb fools’ that you often meet may be fools indeed, but if life had dealt you a different hand, you may not be quite as much above them as you sometimes seem to think.

    1. I disagree.

      Having accurate knowledge is important. I know that trying to sell SAFER sex is more difficult than keeping people ignorant, but not doing it is just being lazy and irresponsible.

      On most other products, you will see a legal disclaimer that says something like – protects against MOST xxx or prevents 99% xxx. If this wasn’t such a sensitive issue, there would already be lawsuits.

      Free condoms are a step in the right direction, but accurate information is a far better solution to the problem. No, please do not abstain from sex, but ignorance is not bliss.

      PS: I have nothing to gain by ‘scoring points’. 🙂 But, you know me – I don’t care about being nice either.

  2. I like to be nice, but it’s more that I automatically consider arguments from several points of view. This can be useful or a nuisance, as it’s very hard to get VERY angry when the other person’s point of view is nudging you, even when I know that other point of view may not be correct or true. >_<

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