Nurul Izzah Anwar

The soon-to-happen PKR party elections just seems to be fraught with so many scandals that it is turning into a farce. While I am not a member and have zero interest in the well-being of the party, I am a concerned citizen watching the drama. There are many things to be said but I will just say one tiny thing.

Izzah would make one heck of a Deputy President.

An article in TheStar said that, “Nurul Izzah has many hurdles to clear to convince her party why she deserves this important seat.” I see things differently.

Firstly, nobody deserves the seat. That is the wrong mentality that is plaguing our country. However, she is rightly qualified for the seat, more so than most of the other party members who think that they are her better.

She has balls. I do not see anyone else from within the party who has the guts to take on giants from the other side. She took on Sharizat, a senior cabinet minister, to seize her constituency. More recently, she has challenged our dearest Tun Dr Mahathir to a debate, which has gone unanswered. The fact that she is even running for this position says that, she has got cohones. We need leaders who are able to take on the old ways, if we want real change.

She has been with the cause from the very inception. Nobody can deny that fact. On the day that her father was first detained, she may have just been studying for her math paper at university. But since, she became the pillar of strength that held up the cause – the Puteri Keadilan (Princess of Justice). This is baptism by fire and is a credential that nobody, not even any of the others running for office, can claim to have.

I do not claim to know what is happening inside PKR but if I was a member, she would have gotten my vote, over all the others. While I do not fancy her chances of winning, I am sure that she would have at least given everyone else a run for their money. A shining beacon of hope is a very powerful intoxicant.

It fantasy was reality and she won the seat fair and square, it would have been a Good Thing for the party. She would have signaled the entry of a whole generation of young leaders – Mahathir’s Children – into leading roles within our country. She would have opened the flood-gates for other women to seek for highest office that even Tun Rafidah Aziz and Ng Yen Yen failed to do. She would have rocked the boat and changed things.

She would have been the distinction that sold PKR as an agent for change. Instead, plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.

blink blink

Update: seems like she is now eligible to run! While I am jubilant that she will have the chance to kick arse, the way that PKR seems to be running this election just perplexes me. Go Izzah!


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