Jaunty Jackalope

jauntyGuess what arrived in my mailbox today – Jaunty Jackalope! I had pre-ordered it before it was officially released. It is extremely good for them to have hardly a fortnight for it to get to me. I am quite excited about playing around with it. However, I will hold-off actually tinkering around with it for a while – at least until the weekend!

There are a bunch of things that I am looking forward to. A friend of mine mentioned the other day that operating systems were no longer exciting. I beg to differ. Linux is still very exciting, even on a non-geek level. In Jaunty, I am dying to try out the new digiKam and Amarok. These are the best media management apps, IMHO. They have plenty of advanced features.

Jaunty spouts many under-the-hood improvements. For a long time, Ubuntu has been suffering from performance degradation. The developers have been working hard and they are now able to boast a significant speed increase. I have been suffering for a few months because of this degradation too. I hope to be able to run fast again!

Unfortunately, there are some known issues with using the open source ATi graphics drivers. So, I may have to resort to using the proprietary drivers from ATi themselves until this issue gets sorted out, which it will. The open source drivers are improving by leaps and bounds ever since ATi released its hardware documentation.

There are of course, a whole lot of other minor usability and speed improvements. It has been branded – “Speed, Beauty and Innovation”. I sure hope so!

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