Silver Fiasco

I have a few peeves with this entire episode of the Silver Fiasco.

For one, the decision by the courts has just further muddled the situation. The trouble is that, I agree that the way in which BN handled the take-over was amateurish. They should have learned how to do a proper take-over from their predecessors. In fact, I think that Anwar actually successfully did one before in Sabah. Too bad for them that he was not on their side this time around.

I think that the political sandiwara is far from over. There will not be any peace in the silver state until someone gives in. I really pity the people living there.

However, another peeve that I have is with the opposition. They are either fanning the flames or joining in with whomever it is who is fanning the flames, of fear – using May 13 as an instrument to instill fear. For goodness sakes, it’s time to leave that legacy behind us. The history has been so distorted by so many parties that I dare not even comment on what is true or false history.

For now, I hope that everyone would just calm down a notch and let those involved, sort things out.

If Nizar is the legitimate MB, it brings the whole fiasco of the state assembly sitting last week to question. There are reasons why there were procedures in place to appoint the MB and speaker. There are also procedures to follow in dismissing them. BN tried to bulldoze it’s way through the procedures to score a few cheap PR points.

I think that it is still possible for the BN to come up tops at the end. Particularly, if they get the cooperation of the royal palace. However, I don’t know how well that will sit with the rakyat of the state.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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