D-Do$ Attack!

the pirates shall inherit the earth!Well, you’ve probably heard of the D-DoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. It is a cyber attack where a number of computers are used to attack a single machine by overwhelming it with requests so that it is unable to service legitimate requests. It is the easiest way to take down any single web site.

Now, the Swedish pirates behind The Pirate Bay (TPB) have come up with the money equivalent. In case you have not been following the spec-trial recently, this is a quick summary. Swedish law has maintained that there was nothing illegal with downloading content, just illegal in distributing it. TPB is a BitTorrent site that doesn’t host any files but provides links to where you can download them.

So, they were recently sued and found guilty. As part of their punishment, they were fined heavily. So, in order to pay their fine, the TPB have come up with an ingenious system of doing it. They have dubbed it the Distributed Denial of Dollars (D-Do$) attack. It basically works this way.

They are encouraging everyone to help them pay their fine by donating a small (1 SEK) amount to a specific account. This account is owned by the law firm that prosecuted them. They intend to pay their fine via the law firm. The catch is that this account has a small (2 SEK) processing fee connected to it. So, the law firm would have to fork out money in order to receive money!

Of course, the legality of the whole thing is in question. IANAL. So, I’m not sure if the law firm is obliged to accept the funds. If they don’t this D-Do$ attack wouldn’t work. But if they are legally bound to accept the funds – goodness – they would have to fork out more than they received!

Hence, this is just so typical TPB.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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