Initial EUROPRACTICE Library Search

I’ve just spent a few hours doing a preliminary search of the available design libraries from EUROPRACTICE through the IMEC website. The following is a quick run down of the available foundry libraries:

  1. UMC – Mentor full custom back-end supported. Highly doubt that the FSC/VST standard cells are usable with Mentor.
  2. AMIS – Standard cells for Synopsys, Mentor back-end. Some unconfirmed successes getting it to work with Mentor.
  3. AMS – Standard cells for Synopsys/Cadence, Mentor back-end.
  4. TSMC – No publicly accessible info

So, this doesn’t bode too well. I might have to look at what standard libraries come with Precision Synthesis. I know that Leonardo Spectrum comes with a built-in standard cell library. But, Leonardo is already being EOL-ed. So, it doesn’t make sense to base a new project on a tool that will be dead soon. But, the bad news with Precision is that, at first glance, the tool is optimised for FPGA implementations and not for ASIC design. So, it might be necessary to use Leonardo after all.

I’ve just come across a potential solution. According to this website, it is possible to use the old AMIS ADK with the newer Mentor ICFlow2005. From a quick check of the Rutherford website, we have access to the older AMIS design kits and also access to the latest ICFlow2005.1 software. So, it might be possible to use a AMIS 0.35 or AMIS 0.50 um design kit standard cell library for designing with Mentor Graphics.

I’ve contacted SJM to find out the status of the Mentor installation on RedHat. He has yet to get back to me on it. Once it is set up, I will investigate the available built-in libraries in Mentor. There isn’t much else that I can do until this is done so that I can check out the tool chains and design kits for AMIS.

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