Working Thru the C++ Labs

I’ve just received a reply from TL with regards to the C++ labs as he had just recently returned from holiday. This is August, the month when everyone except research students go off on holidays. He had promised to send me the relevant handouts/labnotes soon and he has sent them all to me via UMS. I guess that I’ll need to do the following:

  1. Ensure that the GCC toolchains still work.
  2. Ensure that the example code snippets are accurate.
  3. Ensure that the experiment instructions are clear.
  4. Familiarise myself with all the different experiments.

So, I will go through them one by one, before I go off on my break. I’d normally do this for any new experiment that I was introduced to anyway. It’s important to not only go through the motions but to also try to imagine the problems that students might face while doing it. Hopefully, with my experience in programming, it would not be too difficult to get through. I’m a little rusty on C++ as I’ve been mostly programming in low-level C for the last couple of years.

I’m a little confused at the idea of doing a C++ experiment though. I did not learn programming through formal methods. So, I’ve always been partial to the hack-n-slash school of thought. It would be interesting to see how they develop programming concepts through structured experiments. I guess that there will be experiments on assignments, control structures, loops and more interesting stuff like arrays, data structures, pointers and objects.

I look forward to trying them out.

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