Siamese Bumiputera

What a pack of lies and if any Siamese in Malaysia thinks it is true, I’d really like to know what they’ve been smokin’.

According to Bernama, our PM said that, “the government has recognised the Siamese community as a bumiputera group in the country and will ensure the community is accorded the same privileges enjoyed by their other bumiputera counterparts.”

What a load of crock!

Unless I am sorely misinformed, there has not been any amendments to our Consti to enlarge the definition of Bumiputera in Malaysia, which is defined in Article 161 of our Consti. In fact, our PM doesn’t claim that there has been any amendments to the Consti either in the article.

Our PM is either misinformed, lying or delusional. I don’t know which is better, or worse.

I hope that the Siamese community are not fooled by this. Whether or not they have a claim for Bumiputera rights is not my issue here. My issue is that unless and until our Consti is amended to expand the definition of Bumiputera, the Siamese community still do not have any claim to being ‘sons of the soil’.

Our PM does not have the power to include more people into the Bumiputera family, regardless of how he feels about it. If he is truly sincere in doing this for the Siamese community, he should table an amendment of the Consti to expand the definitions for Bumiputera.

I’m sorry. You’ve been had.

PS: Plus I think that we’re still in a state of emergency, regardless of what the PM says. I don’t think that the bill has passed the Senate yet.

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Shawn Tan

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5 thoughts on “Siamese Bumiputera”

  1. i agree with you, i am a Siamese, but i dont think i enjoy the same right…no admission to Uitm, no bumi privilege like buying house. Siamese = Bumi is just a slogan for GE

  2. I fully agree with you. I remember after Merdeka Day in 1957 my father came back from the temple saying that we Siamese are catergorise as PRIBUMI and have same rights and priviledges as the Orang Asli.. It was mentioned by our Bapa Malaysia then , But then its only through words of mouth. Now againj our current Prime Minister is quoting what was quoted more than 50 years ago. Nothing is written in our Perlembagaan to back our claims. When I went to JPN to amend my KETURUNAN from SIAM to BUMIPUTERA SIAM; I was told that there is no such thing as a Bumiputera Siam! Nothing is written in our Constitution pertaining to this matter. I just have to accept it. With nothing endorsed in our Constitution; we are at a loss. Here, I am requesting on behalf of our community to the present Government to add a minor clause in our Constitution such that things can be clearer for our Siamese Community. Nothing is impossible. We have waited for over half a Century. YAB Datuk Boon Som kindly, please consider it as a personal request from me and my family. KHOB CHAI AND SAWADHI KRUB

  3. TQ for asking. I was rather brief. I should be specific. Actually he should be Y
    AB Datuk Boon Som Inong, the new Senator elected by our Government to represent our Malaysian Siamese community. I do hope he will clear this matter during his term of service and bring matters to rest.. I am not demanding for anything more, I am very happy and grateful that the earlier two senators had brought some changes for our Community Because we are such a minority; it is not easy to voice our problems. Just imagine; we do not have anybody to voice our grouses in the Cabinet!; what a pity,. We have to lean on the BN to help us. I am from a poor family; if I were to have the priviledges about 45 years ago; I would be a much better man today. I really have to tol inorder to give my children good Education. I am very worried about the future of my
    Grand children. Where will they stand? We always say MALAYSIA BOLIH; why is it so hard to add a small clause in our constitution and make things more formal,

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