Forces Spéciale

I went in with little expectation, expecting this to be just another shooter with lots of people dying and one man against the horde scenes. At first I didn’t notice that the film was in French as I could read the text, but I soon realised this after noticing that the actors’ voices were wrong.

As my expectations weren’t much to begin with, I didn’t think too much of it as I was just looking for a 2-hour escape from work, after spending the whole morning cleaning up the office and catching up with my monthly accounts.

But then, I exited the cinema with tears in my eyes. The film turned out to be surprisingly good. My only gripe is that it wasn’t in French. I hate dubbing as it kills the original emotions. Plus, the dialogue loses much of it’s meaning in translation.

At the end, while people were walking out of the cinema hall, I was busy reading the epilogue – the film was dedicated to all the soldiers buried in Afghanistan and also the reporters who risked their lives bringing us the story.

Damn. It’s good.

PS: It would have been better in French!

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Shawn Tan

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