Cambridge Protests

The last time the UK government wanted to raise their fees, I was still there in the UK. But this time around, things seem to have gotten more serious. It’s probably because the fees are being raised to the levels paid by foreign students in the past. If this goes through, foreign students can expect to have their fees raised as well.

However, what struck me was the kind of protests going on. If such a thing were to happen in Malaysia, I doubt that there would be any sort of organised resistance. Our students here are just too docile for the most part and there is always the UUCA hanging over their heads, as well as the Police Act on illegal gatherings.

These Cambridge students were obviously well organised, even if everything was quite last minute. Good thing that the building is right in the centre of Cambridge town – with Sains and M&S within a short walk away. They can also get supplies in through Kings’ if need be. So, the students can stay for the long haul, if they need to.

Another good thing is that, these students are still studying and doing their assignments. A good protest is not an excuse to slack off because none of their supervisors are going to consider that a valid excuse. So, turning the SCR into a mini library to work in is a really good idea. Students can even help each other out if needed.

Seems rather quaint and all.

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