Buying Michelins

During a recent car service, I was told that my front tyres needed changing. Since I was already planning to change the tyres early next year, I thought that it would be convenient to just change the tyres then and there since I was already there for my regular service. I was shown a pair of Michelins and the stickered price was RM220. However, I was told that I could have them for RM185. I could go for a cheaper tyre but it would be some brandless make while the Pirellis would cost me more.

So, I got my new Michelins and thought it was quite cheap. I had fully expected to spend more than RM200 for a tyre.

Then, came another customer and they told the customer that his tyres needed changing too. And they told that customer that they were having a special promotion on Michelins now, for only RM220! Looks like sales people do what sales people do, and sell the same snake oil to different customers for whatever that they think the customer is able to afford. I must’ve looked cheap!

Anyway, after changing the tyres, I got my car balanced and aligned as well. Now, my car seems to drive better than it did before.

While changing the tyres, I had a chat with the mechanic as he worked. He remarked that I don’t go out at night and that I hardly used my car. I was wondering how he knew. Then he explained that he could tell from the fact that my headlights still looked really new and that my mileage was very little. Interesting, learned something new.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

2 thoughts on “Buying Michelins”

  1. haha I had tiye buying experience to, after bursting my dad’s tyre. It costs ~sg$200 for a pp3 in Singapore too. Think it was a 17″. yours sounds so much cheaper!

    1. Mine is a smaller tyre but still, definitely cheaper over here. That’s probably why there are so few tyre shops in S’pore while they are littered all over JB. 🙂

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