Dumb Nik Nazmi

I do not blame Nik Nazmi for being dumb, but this is the problem that we have in our country. People who talk big-picture, do not seem to realise what is the big-picture. My dear Nik Nazmi, the big-picture is not about getting you re-elected nor is it about putting you and your friends into parliament. Dude, you got this so wrong:

If anything’s anything, a third party would simply split the vote of Malaysians who want to see real change. To me therefore (and I may be wrong about this), the only effect a third party would have in Malaysia would be to simply ensure the continuance of Barisan Nasional’s rule.

Or is that the point?

I cannot agree more with Nik Nazmi on this – because any third force will just split PR’s votes. Therefore, the solution is simple. Anwar admitted that PKR had troubles finding good candidates in the last GE. In fact, the same problem is faced by PAS and DAP too. That is where the third force comes in.

In order to avoid splitting the votes, PR should not run, where the third force runs. Simple.

Since PR has problems finding good candidates, if a good independent candidate can be found, PR should just withdraw from competing that seat and let that independent candidate go one-on-one with BN. This means that PR is unlikely to secure 51% of the seats in parliament but it will increase the chances of kicking idiots out of parliament (on both sides).

Honestly, I expected more from you. Are you so blind to even see such a simple and elegant solution?

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2 thoughts on “Dumb Nik Nazmi”

  1. Thank you for your comments.

    I believe Pakatan has no problems to cooperate with other parties for a one to one contest against BN.

    People forget the role Anwar Ibrahim played in the 2008 elections not just in campaigning vigorously, but also in ensuring that DAP, PAS and KEADILAN would not contest against one another, at least in Peninsular Malaysia. That made it possible for 8 March to happen (of course with other factors also comng into play). KEADILAN even provided PSM, which was not registered at that time, seats to contest.

    My problem is that many of the advocates of the third force have focused their guns on KEADILAN recently. Many like to point out at the perceived problems in the polls, but not the conduct of their favourite candidate.

    Zaid started by saying he was not interested to contest, then saying he will only contest if Tan Sri Khalid does not contest. Then he changed his mind and said that he would only withdraw if Nurul Izzha decided to join the fray.

    When the contest started Zaid and third party advocates kept quiet when he held the lead. The moment when Azmin took the lead, than they protested on many points. Yet most of the allegations have not been documented.

    Amidst all the excitement, Zaid was not seen in Batu Sapi (not sure about Galas). So who is the bigger enemy for Zaid and the third party advocates? KEADILAN (and by extension Pakatan) or BN? Do you think party members who were disgusted by all the mudslinging can easily accept cooperation with third parties?

    Yes, some of our candidates were not up to mark in GE12. If we had enough candidates, I would have preferred not to contest. But times are changing because of GE12. Many of those who were not interested in KEADILAN have decided to join KEADILAN. Our membership numbers are on the rise. Partly to push better leaders to the forefront, KEADILAN introduce 1 member 1 vote.

    So that’s the problem that I foresee with this simple and elegant solution.

    1. Thanks for your reply.

      I think that it is understandable, why all the guns are pointed at PKR at the moment since it is the youngest and also the weakest of the PR component parties and it seems to be screwing up its own moment of glory. That is not to say that the other parties in the country do not have their fair share of problems.

      I am not a Zaid man nor am I a PKR member. I do not even care if Zaid survives his political problems this time. So, while you may see Zaid as a problem, take a step back and you will see that the problem is even bigger.

      The reason that I am with the 3rd force people is because I see the trouble with a two-party system where both sides are more similar than different. In fact, I have been harping 3rd force even before 2008. I hate the way that the opposition enters into anti-competitive behaviour, which deprives our rakyat of their rights. PKR is supposed to be THE party for REFORM, but it is starting to look more and more like the same old thing.

      I put my hopes in the younger generation of leaders like Izzah and you. I no longer have any trust in any of the old farts. I hope that you won’t fail our generation.

      As for PKR’s sudden surge in membership, it doesn’t help when most of your members are not even interested enough in the party to bother with voting. This should sound a real concern to the party leadership. What this says to me is that most of your members are just hangers-on and whether there are enough good candidates come GE13, is yet to be seen.

      Incidentally, I am an ARO and when people I meet ask me who I would vote for, I say that if one party nominates a monkey while the other puts a donkey to stand, I will spoil my vote out of disgust.

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