Quid Pro Quo

I just read a blog entry on how a child should deal with bullies at school. It advocates the use of violence against violence – and I concur. This is the lesson that I was taught by my mom and I will pass it on dutifully. My mom’s rationale is simple – in this world, if you do not fight for your own survival, nobody else will.

If everyone goes pacifist except the bad people, eventually one bad person with no conscience winds up ruling. No. It doesn’t work. Teach your kids to fight back, fight smart, defend and assert themselves, and protect others in trouble. There’s legitimately bad people in the world, barely above animals, and strength is the only thing they respect. Assert yourself.

The blog brought back lots of memories of my childhood. I can still remember the first fight that I got into at school. I was 8 and was picked on by a guy 3 years older and at that age, there is a significant size difference between the two of us. All he had to do was hold my head at an arm’s length and I was not able to reach him. I don’t know any martial arts, nor am I very strong physically but I never let those details stop me. Our fight was very public as it happened in the school canteen during our break. Obviously, I lost that fight but he never bothered me anymore after that, neither did any other person I got into a fight with after that.

This entry is not all about violence. I also helped people who needed it in school. Since no bully wanted to mess with me, I gained a sort of shield that I extended to others. Someone whom I once helped, invited my mom for his wedding and told her that he still remembers me because I once helped him out when he was confronted by a gang in school. The incident is all fuzzy to me now but I am just glad that things turned out alright in the end.

I totally agree with what that blog says, and so does my mom.

If you do not fight for your own survival in this world, nobody else will.

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