Osaka Girls

Landed in Kansai airport and went straight to Universal Studios, Japan!

As a first impression of Japanese people, I was seriously impressed. Their staff are so perky and professional. I got really impressed with the amount of pride and care that the Japanese people put into the most mundane thing that they do – like measuring the height of a child for a ride. They would stand my niece and nephew up, place their feet together, straighten their bodies, and then measure the height at the right angle. I could imagine exactly such a thing happening in Malaysia, where the local staff would just go, “ah, boleh la!”

Then at our Jaws ride, the entire ride was carried off by the extremely animated and impressive acting given by the person in charge of our ride. Her voice acting was just so anime-ish and she looked just like how one would imagine an anime character would look in such a situation, with all the encompassing facial expressions. I loved it so much that I congratulated her at the end. Back home, everything would probably have been pulled off by a video instead of live action.

One may think that such professionalism and energy is impressed upon them by the USJ management, but turns out that it is quite the same almost everywhere else. According to our guide, we should experience the opening of a departmental store in Japan to see just how dedicated their staff can be to their work.

Now, to get to the topic of this blog, Osaka girls – nice!

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