Short Fuse

For some reason, I feel that I have been on a short fuse in recent weeks. Maybe it’s the stress of taking on too many things in life. Maybe it’s the certain eventuality of certain decisions that have to be made soon. Maybe it’s the chronic ache that I have had in my back for a few weeks. Maybe it’s the lack of rest due to disturbed sleep. Regardless of the reasons, I have definitely felt the blood rush faster and higher than it normally does.

As a mitigation, I have taken to exercise. I try to take a brisk walk through a nearby park whenever I get the chance to. Oddly enough, my brisk walk seems to be faster than some joggers. Yesterday, I overtook several joggers while reading a book. Yes, I read while I get my exercise. That’s why I walk, and not run. I would not be able to read while running.

However, I hope that a short break away from everything would be able to change things; at least, break the daily monotony and senseless work that I have been engaged in. I plan to come back ready to take a plunge into the future world!

Onsen, I need Onsen!

Published by

Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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