Professional Ministers

A random thought occurred to me the other day regarding the appointment of professionals as ministers in our various ministries in contrast to taking in politicians. My basic argument behind this is simple, divorce the politics out of the everyday running of the country. Elected politicians should stay within the legislative branch and leave the executive branch to people who are truly qualified.

The worst kind of minister is the kind who is appointed as a senator and then parked in a ministry to collect a fat check for no reason. This person is neither there on technical merit nor political support. This kind of minister just smells funny and is a lame duck. With neither superior technical skills and experience nor strong political support, this kind of minister will be hard pressed to convince anyone to do anything. So, this kind of minister will only sit there and collect a fat check at the end of the month.

Another reason for wanting a non-political minister is to ensure continuity. If a minister is appointed because he/she is the best person for the job, ideally, that minister would be able to do a job regardless of the winds of change. That person would not be held sway to the whims and fancies of the day but rather to do the right thing to get the job done. Practically, this would require that these ministers be granted certain immunity from legislative or judicial interference.

However, finding the right people like that would not be easy.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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