National Service

A friend of mine and I were just talking about how working in the civil service wipes away idealism really fast. So, I suggested that maybe we should make it compulsory for every Malaysian to serve a short stint in the civil service in order for us to learn the inner workings of government.

I suggested that we should just do it as a form of national service. Such things are practised in other countries, with national service, where young citizens can choose to serve in any branch of the civil service in order to learn a thing or two about how their country works.

We could replace the present 3-month national service with a 1-year internship or apprenticeship programme design for high-school leavers so that everyone can gain some valuable work experience and also learn a thing or two about our government and how things work. All this knowledge will help equip our young people with real-world experience and inculcate a spirit of nationalist pride.

I think that it is a much better use of our tax-dollars to pay these people a small allowance during this programme than to spend it on the facilities and logistics for running a 3-month long nationwide team-building camp. We would probably get a better ROI on it.

The programme could be structured in such a way as to rotate the kids between 3-4 departments for between 3-4 months each. If a kid was interested to be a lawyer, for example, they could apply to intern with our courts. If a kid was inclined towards medicine, they could intern at a hospital. I think that it would be invaluable to the kids as well.

Of course, I do not expect the kids to cure cancer or put people behind bars.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

3 thoughts on “National Service”

  1. inculcating nationalist pride??
    hopefully it won’t backfire, if that’s the case. πŸ˜›
    nanti you get more young people lining up to emigrate. kekeke.

    i agree that it will probably yield better ROI – some of the young ‘uns CAN work and some may JUST be inspired to join the civil service post graduation πŸ™‚
    if they can look past the crap they’ll probably see therein.

    courts, and AG’s Chambers. and maybe a ministry or agency of their choice. πŸ˜€ for law-inclined folks. any other suggestions?

  2. yes agreed. it’s important to understand the policies behind the operational side of things. and never underestimate the nitty gritty in field work. for want of a shoe, the kingdom was lost!

    now if only we could actually make this happen? πŸ™‚

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