Crossing Hurdles

Yatta!I am rarely wrong and I hate being wrong. However, I am only human and I do get things wrong sometimes. I will also accept criticism with an open heart and open mind, if and when I am wrong. When I have done something wrong, I will usually try my best to correct it. It may take me a while to get things right, but I will endeavour to make the necessary changes. It makes me extremely happy when my corrections are acknowledged and found to be satisfactory.

One stage of my life is coming to an end while another stage is just beginning. Things could have gone very bad for me but I am glad that they have turned out fairly well. While I do not regret the path the I have chosen, this journey has been an arduous and long one. I will never recommend it for anyone else, unless they are brave or dumb enough to plunge headlong into the unknown without regards for consequence. Paths are opening up where there were none before.

I have had to make some sacrifices along the way and lost some people in the process. However, I do hope that it will all be worth it when things are finally cut, weighed and measured. I am getting a bit too long winded now. Let me end this by wishing Cecilia all the best and good luck!

PS: I must do something to celebrate – like maybe buy myself a new 50″ television.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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