Whistle-blowing Blows

Regardless of what I personally think about whistle-blowers, my curiousity was piqued by the announcement that there is now a whistle-blowing policy for the PKFZ scandal. Looking at the article at TheStar, it mentioned that individuals can use a website to lodge complaints. Seeing that this was something online and rather new for the government to try, I thought that I would have a look around.

Firstly, the site itself was a bit difficult to navigate. Try clicking on the link provided on the site on “Bagaimana proses pengaduan dibuat” brings you back to the same page. It goes on and on ad infinitum. This might confuse people who do not know how these things work and might give up after clicking on the same link several times brings them nowhere.

Secondly, assuming that you figured out how to actually get to the terms and condition form, you will be presented with the actual complaint form here. Again, notice that nobody actually needs to comply with the terms and conditions before accessing the actual form. So, the so called terms and conditions actually hold no weight.

Thirdly, you will notice that the entire form is not secure. If you look at banking sites or shopping sites, you will usually be presented with a padlocked secure page in order to enter sensitive information such as your credit card details. This whistle-blowing form is totally in the clear and does not even provide this modicum of privacy or security. I would consider whistle-blowing as a sensitive thing as the information is of a legal nature, which brings me to the next point.

Fourthly, all documentary evidence is supposed to be submitted via email – again in the clear. There is no public key provided along with the email address. This means that anyone can actually intercept the email, change its contents to say anything, and forward on the email with no one the wiser. I would think that these evidence could be brought to court and all effort should be made to at least secure the integrity of the information during transit.

They even have the nerve to say: “Atas sebab keselamatan pengguna dinasihatkan untuk menghantar bukti/dokumen sokongan beserta nombor aduan dan nombor kad pengenalan ke alamat emel berikut”Due to security concerns, users are advised to send evidence/supporting documents along with the complaint number and IC number to the following email

Obviously, our transport minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat does not know that the whistle-blowing website has been so poorly implemented. None of the information provided in it would be able to hold in court. There is no security in place to ensure the integrity and protect the privacy of the information in transit. The legal conditions are not even binding as people do not need to agree to it to make a complaint.

Epic FAIL! 1Malaysia Boleh!

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