Streamyx Sux

Streamyx sucks. Since Monday, I have been getting a terrible Internet connection at home. Knowing that these things sometimes happens to Streamyx, I just ignored it at first. But today, I decided to do a speed test and found that my internet speed is only 0.06Mbps. So, I called up their customer service line to see what the problem was. According to the customer service agent, they have a service outage in my area and it has been marked as an active outage. They cannot promise when they will restore the service and will try their best to fix it as soon as possible. I was told to call back if the problem still persisted over the weekend.

I hope that TMNet really gets down to fixing it as soon as possible. I have just recently applied for a 1Mbps upgrade and I do not wish to end up getting such a slow speed instead. Here is me hoping that they can do wonders.

UPDATE: The speed was back up again an hour later! Thanks TMNet! Here’s hoping that it stays this way!

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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