Bradley Jensen

CMMI is USELESS!I am currently attending a short course conducted by Dr Bradley Jensen from Microsoft. I like him already. He was really honest when he stressed to us that CMMI is only good for one thing – documenting failures. That put our Director of Quality on the defensive. He added that this did not just apply to CMMI but whatever else we had in place – whether it be Six Sigma and what nots.

Everyone in the room laughed. You see, those of us that do the actual development have known this for ages. The only people who believe in the religion of Quality and pray to the God of Six Sigma in the temple of CMMI are people who have never done any sort of actual development. I liked what a colleague of mine once said – the Quality people know just enough about engineering to be dangerous!

I will blog more about why these things don’t work in a later entry. It is very simple to understand and Dr Bradley Jensen actually mentioned it as well. Unfortunately, during the break, poor Dr Bradley Jensen got accosted by all the senior staff of the Quality department. Shame on them!

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