Inspiron Zino

Perfect!This machine is the perfect Mac mini Server killer! Curiousity got the better of me today and I decided to see what Dell had to offer in terms of a small form factor machine that might be useful as a Net-serv. When I hit the website, I was instantly drawn by the Inspiron Zino, the perfect net-serv device – and it is only retailing for RM899!

The base configuration comes with:

CPU: Atom 230
RAM: 1Gb
HDD: 160Gb
GFX: GMA 950
OS : Ubuntu 9.04!

That is right, you saw it! Dell is officially selling machines pre-loaded with Linux, in Malaysia!

This machine is only 899 and if I can use the RM80 discount coupon for this week, that goes down to RM819 only! And it is so small that it sits in a nice 8″x8″ space, which will fit nicely into my server rack. However, I do think that this might be a little pricey considering that it only comes with such entry-level specs. It would have been killer if it came with an Atom330, 2Gb of RAM and at larger hard disk. That would have just sealed the deal for me. I tried customising the device but it was not possible on the Dell website.

As it is, for an additional RM300, you can get the HD version that would be splendid as a HTPC! The Inspiron Zino HD comes with the following specs:

CPU: AMD 2850e
RAM: 4Gb
HDD: 500Gb
GFX: ATI 3200 (780G)

For an additional RM300, that is an excellent buy. Even the RAM and HDD upgrades alone would already be worth RM300, not to mention the better processor and better graphics including HDMI output. Excellent! Either of these machines would be wonderful as a little server sitting in the corner. However, I get the feeling that this machine just doesn’t want to stay quiet in the corner.

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