Minor Failures

According to a friend of mine, I am a minor failure in life. That is why I like this friend of mine. She does not mince her words when speaking her mind. I guess whether or not I am a failure depends on the point of view. I would say that in certain aspects, my life has been a failure but in other aspects, it has been a success. But I guess that from my friend’s arithmetic, I end up with a slight negative balance, which makes me only a minor failure.

Now, part of me thinks that I should just ignore what my friend thinks. Another part of me feels that I should work at the problem and fix it. However, there is only one problem – the problem itself is impossible to characterise accurately. If it was something that was well defined, I would have fixed it ages ago. The trouble is that ill-formed problems are the very bane of logical minded problem-solvers like me. Maybe I need some help.

If only all problems in this world were quantifiable. Maybe some things are destined to remain enigmas.

Published by

Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

2 thoughts on “Minor Failures”

  1. Haha, this isn’t me, is it? I should specify that “faily” doesn’t mean “failure”. It means something more like “loser”, an epithet which does not require the person who is described by it to have lost anything.

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