64-bit Caveat

I got to dare my new boss for a KFC yesterday. The incident went more or less like this. A colleague of mine was saying that he had switched most of the applications to 64-bit and my boss was saying that the applications should run faster now. The applications are web-based so it ran on a 64-bit LAMP stack. If only the world of computing was so simple. I quickly interjected and told my boss that I saw things differently. I mentioned to him about 64-bit apps running slower than 32-bit apps for one reason, memory.

He did not agree with me and so I dared him to a KFC challenge. A KFC challenge is the standard way we resolve technical disagreements in my group. My reputation as a microprocessor architect was on the line and I had to defend it. He dithered and did not acquiescence for some reason and went off to his room to look for evidence to debunk me. I shall skip the technical details but my colleague was there to witness the entire episode. I think that he found it most interesting. In the end, my boss ended up being a snaky lawyer. His only defence was that I did not say things correctly and that my claim was not worded accurately, though he did agree with the gist of my claim.

So, I guess he is not going to treat me to a KFC meal…yet.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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