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It has been a while since I watched my last anime so I decided to get something to watch last weekend. I went to the store and as there were sales, I decided to get something that looked faintly interesting – with a nice animation and interesting storyline. In the end, I picked up “Vexille” and it turned out to be a fairly interesting film.

By the 2060s, robotics technology has advanced to the point that cybernetics have become plausible. World opinion begins to turn against robotics, leading to the U.N. declaring a unilateral ban on further research and development in 2067. Japan, being home to robotics pioneer Daiwa Heavy Industries, strongly protests this ban, but is unable to prevent its passage.

In protest, Japan withdraws from international politics. All foreigners are deported, and further immigration is prohibited. In addition, the R.A.C.E. network is constructed – a series of 270 off-shore installations that cover Japan with an energy field that distorts the entire electromagnetic spectrum, nullifying all communication between Japan and the outside world and making even satellite surveillance impossible. Trade continues, but for all intents and purposes, Japan vanishes from the world scene.

2077: A series of bizarre incidents lead the American technology police agency “SWORD” to believe that Japan has used the R.A.C.E network to conceal extensive development of banned technologies. They thus embark on an unapproved scheme to infiltrate Japan and determine the distortion frequency of the R.A.C.E. network, enabling SWORD to gather intelligence on the country . Among those chosen to make the attempt is a veteran agent named Vexille.

Personally, I am starting to grow enamoured by the cell-shading type of computer generated anime that has started to become affordable and popular out of Japan. The only draw back are their human articulation models. Sometimes, the movements just do not seem ‘right’ for some reason. However, this will only improve. Of course, the emotional element needs to be worked on as well but since this is an anime, the cell-shading works to its advantage.

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