China Maids

This is a recurring idea that keeps cropping up and keeps getting silly press. Periodically, our government would suggest bringing in domestic workers from China to replace our dwindling supply of domestic workers from other countries. Every time, the MCA Women will say that it is a bad idea on simple marital grounds. They are fearful that these foreign maids, whom they have dubbed with a number of unkind labels, would steal their husbands away.

I just find these arguments rather trite.

These women are arguing for legal protection of their marital bliss. I just find that rather sad that a woman needs to rely on the government in order to maintain her marriage. Obviously, something is very wrong with the stereotypical Malaysian Chinese woman today, which makes them worry that these imported women would steal all their husbands away.

A woman should be confident in her own self. I thought that was what we have been working towards over many decades. She should not have to rely on “protectionism” in order to safeguard her own marriage. However, I have had conversations with some girls and found that in most cases, our local girls have a downright skewed view of marriage and what it means (and I lay the blame squarely on too much TVB dramas). The trouble is that most of these girls end up focusing too much on the wedding, and not the decades that come after. Not planning properly for that, is just dumb.

Personally, I think that a little extra competition would be good for everyone involved.

I can understand if someone feels that these Chinese domestic workers would have trouble adapting, or would not be able to do a good job. Unfortunately, all the arguments seem to point in the opposite direction – that these women would adapt a little too comfortably to the local environment, and would be able to take care of the household better than the locals. So, I don’t see why we should turn towards hiring sub-par help from some other random third world country instead.

All for the fear of these women stealing their husbands. Sheesh.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

3 thoughts on “China Maids”

  1. “Personally, I think that a little extra competition would be good for everyone involved.”

    Hahaha, brilliant. But why not hire a guy?

  2. Socio-cultural issues I suppose. But our government restricts male foreign labour to other service sectors such as construction and security.

  3. TVB drama has provided a myth that men do not have self control and are easily seduced. So they don’t trust men in general.

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