Transformers Revenge

As they always say, third time’s the charm. I had tried on two other occasions to watch the film at the cinema only to find out that there were no more good seats left. In fact, I was shown the same thing when I went to the box office today. The difference was that there were 30 uncollected reserved tickets. So, I joined the queue twice in order to get these tickets when they were released. As a result, I got a wonderful seat in the cinema and got to watch the film from the best seats in the house.

Regardless of what everyone else thinks, I felt that this film lived up to all my expectations of it. I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience. There were several hot ladies, plenty of cheesy jokes, several emotional scenes and lots and lots of action. Anyone who goes into Transformers expecting anything else is an idiot. We got introduced to many new transformers, mainly on the Autobots side but also some from the Decepticons. Unfortunately, there was not enough story time to properly build up some of these characters.

I would have loved to see the detail on some of these new characters – such as Arcee, but they only appeared on-screen during major battles where there was too much happening around them for me to get a good glimpse of these beautiful machines. In fact, most of the new transformers only had about one line to say in the entire film except for the two slapstick comedians – the twins – who were modeled as stereotypes of African Americans. They were still funny nonetheless.

Instead, Bumblebee got massive screen time this time around. I guess that he has got a massive fan following, particularly among the kids (you’ve got to feed the merchandise mania). His solo fight scene reminded me of an amalgamation of fight scenes from The Matrix and the Yoda fight scene from Star Wars. You would never have thought that cute Bumblebee had those kind of kick ass moves and attitude.

I think that the one robot that I did not like that much was Devastator. It didn’t occur to me that they were going to showcase a combination robot until I saw it happen on screen. I should have realised that it was happening when they had so many construction machines in the film. One of my favourites in the old cartoon were the Constructicons (along with the Aerobots). But the new gorilla like Devastator doesn’t quite appeal to me though.

Of course, we must never forget that Transformers also serves as a showcase for some really nice cars that some manufacturers would like to market. That is why it is over-run with GM cars. The sports cars were really sweet. Obviously, the German Audi R8 had to get killed just 10 minutes into the show after only about 2 minutes of screen time – by an American Chevrolet at that.

Anyway, like I said. The film was thoroughly enjoyable, as long as you know what you’re going to get. It is in the same vein as the first film and is a deserving sequel. If you didn’t like the lame jokes in the first one, you’re not going to like the crass ones in the sequel. As for me, I’m looking forward to the third instalment in the series (more so than the next Harry Potter).

PS: I hope that Megan Fox gets to be more involved with the transformers in the next film, and not just as an on-screen ornament. Since she likes to work on bikes, let her ride Arcee and get them to kick some ass too.

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