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pantas dan marahPredicament.

I wonder if I should let someone I know, to go get a proper medical checkup. This person is showing physical signs of having some heart problems. Of course, I am not a doctor and could be wildly wrong. However, it is also possible that I am right. I’m not sure if I should just barge in and say it, or if I should just not say anything. This is the first time I’ve had to deal with such an issue. So, I’ll need to learn how to handle it.

Anyway, this entry is about a film that I had just watched this evening: Pantas dan Marah 4 (Fast and Furious 4)!!! I laughed when I read the translated title, which could just as easily have been for “Quick and Angry 4”. The film was fairly light on the story and acting. The script seemed to be con-fused in such a way as to link the other three films together. However, the driving scenes – oooh my gooooodness!!

Like the previous films, this one is filled with fast cars and gorgeous women. I loved the way that they brought everything into the high-tech arena by expertly exploiting some really advance car GPS systems. I wish that I could buy one of those systems off the market. I am fairly certain that I could build one myself, if only I could get my hands on some map data. Google Maps…. hmmmm….

But the coup de grace has to be the underground racing scene. Literally driving cars at speed through narrow underground passages. Honestly, I felt that there was a massive plot hole here because they could have just hidden underground instead of trying to race through it. But I’m not complaining. Like the first film, it started with a trailer jacking (but with a much larger trailer).

Regardless, I liked the whole franchise. Even though the story and acting is not that good, the cars are excellent. That is the trademark of the franchise anyway. Nobody else does car races like them.

PS: Oops, forgot to mention my disclaimer: SPOILERS AHEAD!

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