Geek Out

Yesterday, I had a chat with another co-worker and found out that I have another uber-geek person to talk to now, which is wonderful. This co-worker of mine has a lot of geeky toys to play with at home.

I am actually planning on setting up my own little geek-lab at home too. So, I asked this geek person to recommend me places to buy some of the stuff. Most of these things are usually purchased at Jalan Pasar in KL. However, the last time that I had been there, it was only mainly filled with AV stuff. But according to my co-worker, things have changed a lot. Now, we can get almost everything there and can forget about Farnell et al. Wonderful!

My co-worker also recommended some shops in the area that I should visit. I guess that I will go pay the place a visit some time, maybe later this month or next month. While I don’t really have anything specific on my mind to buy yet (or maybe I do), I should still get reacquainted with some of my past haunts.

I am currently implementing some virtual peripherals for my processor. The next step, which I plan to do over the weekend, is to test them out in hardware to see if they work. If they do, then I can proceed with implementing even more virtual peripherals.

Once that is done, I may need to purchase some toys to make

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