Dancing Fits

Oh my goodness. Megan did not get voted into the final 12, yet! Even Kris was shocked when Ryan announced his name instead of hers. I think that a lot of people were thinking that she would’ve gone through. The judges liked her. So, her only hope now lies with the wild-card show.

The thing about her performance yesterday, that stood out, was her dancing. If she makes it as a performing artiste, she would probably invent a new dance fad – the epileptic fit dance. I just found it oddly endearing. I’m weird like that.

Jesse Langseth did not make it through either. While I don’t think that she’s actually all that good a singer, I do like her spirit. She’s got some spunk – must come from having an 8 year old kid. It takes a lot of wit to deal with one.

Mishavonna Henson should have made it though, I think. I like her stubbornness in not giving up. She made it to Hollywood in Season 7 and managed to make it into the Top 36 in Season 8. If you listen to her performance, it may be apparent why.

These were 3 people whom I would have wanted to see go through but they all didn’t. Hopefully, some of them will get through on a wild-card.

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