Bill's Bugs

Pakatan Rakyat FAIL!Bill Gates, infamous for releasing buggy software into the world, recently released a jar of mosquitoes at TED recently! He was quoted as saying, “there is no reason only poor people should be infected.” (He surely has a flair for the theatrics) Man, you’re my hero!

In Malaysia, we are presently having an outbreak of dengue. I remembered my British friend telling me about dengue with fear and trepidation and me smiling at him and thinking to myself – dengue, no biggie. Thing is, we get it all the time here. It’s endemic to this region.

Thing is, I don’t really understand all this fuss over dengue. According to this article, it has a 0.02% fatality rate. Seriously, 0.02% (mainly the babies and geriatrics).

Anyway, here’s the full video. He releases the mosquitoes at about 5:15 and talks a lot about how we can make great teachers from about 8 minutes onwards.

PS: Before anyone accuses me of being a Bill Gates fan-boy, I have to say that I’ve always respected the man, regardless of his shortcomings.

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