Silver Sandiwara 2

Well, the dust hasn’t settled yet, but for the situation to even come to this stage is utterly laughable.

  • The Sultan orders (by royal decree) the MB and the whole exco to resign. The MB is refusing to follow. This is just crazy. Doesn’t he realise that the Sultan has the legal authority to just banish him from the state if he feels like it? Once the Sultan makes his decision, it’s unwise to go against it.
  • All sorts of people (who used to like the idea of defections) no longer like the idea of political defections. It’s nice that some people have finally had a taste of their own medicine. I’ve never been a fan of defections. I’ve always preferred the idea of re-elections.
  • Senior UMNO politicians are condemning the defections. Dr M and Ku Li have openly criticised the way in which Perak was turned over to a ‘blue’ state again. Frogs like to jump. They can jump left one day, and right the next. It’s never a good idea to depend on frogs.
  • There are massive public rallies planned for tonight. The PR are planning to use people power to pressure the Sultan into dissolving the state assembly and calling for fresh elections. I doubt that it would work but good luck anyway. Stay safe and don’t get hurt.
  • The PR are filing legal challenges against the decision by the EC to recognise the frogs. As far as I can tell, this is too little too late. No amount of legal wrangling is going to change the fact that a royal decree has been issued. Even if the PR win the legal case, they will still need to deal with the Sultan.

Personally, I’m just kicking back and waiting to watch the show. It is darn funny.

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