ET's Wedding

Alright, a friend of mine got married yesterday and I got drafted in as one of the ‘guys’. Since I had a new car, I did not mind helping out. My car has already seen 2000km in just 30 days. Not too shabby eh? Anyway, my duty was to follow him down to the bride’s place to pick up the bride and her entourage.

I had to wake up at 4am in the morning to gather at his place with the rest of the guys who were going down. He lived near 1U and the journey there took a mere 20 minutes, instead of the usual hour. I arrived with plenty of time to spare. After a light breakfast and a quick briefing, everyone journeyed down the Sprint-NKVE-Elite-PLUS highway route together towards Melaka.

I cannot say too much about the journey down except to say that we stuck together as a convoy almost the entire way. For some reason, we ‘rushed’ down to Melaka and arrived with plenty of time to spare. On arrival at the bride’s place, we honked our horns and generally made a nuisance of ourselves at the early hours of the morning. Then, it was time for the fun and games.

Anyone whom has watched any HongKong serial will know what these fun and games usually entail. However, the bridesmaids doing it were not particularly experienced. Therefore, I think that the groom was let off rather easy. The rest of us guys had to help out with things here and there too but he mainly did everything himself. In fact, the best man later showed me the stacks of red packets that he still had stashed in his various pockets as backup. Something for me to learn. Bravo!

After that, it was the traditional tea ceremony at the bride’s home followed quickly by our timely exit. At this point, three other young girls from the bride’s family hopped into my car and we ‘rushed’ back to KL for the groom’s side of the ceremony. I cannot say much about the journey back except that it involved a lot of creative overtaking. Again, as we arrived, we made a nuisance of ourselves by honking our horns. There was another Malay wedding along the next road and their guests seemed rather annoyed.

It was also at this point that I realised that there were lots of weddings happening this weekend. Many couples must be trying to tie the knot while there was still some bit of 2008 left. Along the highway, we encountered several other wedding convoys and there were tents set up in the housing areas as well, for different weddings. Anyway, at the groom’s place, they had to go through the tea ceremony followed by various photography sessions.

As for the dinner banquet, the place was filled with lots of VIPs and old people. However, seeing that everyone in Malaysia is linked by 2-degrees of separation, I actually bumped into a few people I know, and a few other people I am supposed to know, but cannot remember since it’s been ages since I’ve seen them. I was placed at the same table with the rest of the UK friends, including the MC and the best-man. So, at least it wasn’t too dull.

We actually prepared a special brew for the groom. We mixed some cili padi with a glass of wine. Then, when he came around, I pennied him in the good old Cambridge tradition and he had to down it. However, he could only drink a little before giving up. Then, the bride tried to help but couldn’t either. But since it was almost time to say goodbye, the happy couple had to dash to the door, which gave them the excuse for not finishing up the drink.

In the end, I think that the best thing about this whole day was that I had an opportunity to wear two new outfits – one of which was my purple suit with silver-purple silk shirt. Seriously, it isn’t as bad as it sounds and is actually quite good.

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