Open City

One of the films that I picked up yesterday, was a surprisingly good film. The title of the Korean film is ‘Open City‘ and the female lead is Son Ye Jin. For some reason, I have bought quite a few of her films. I think that it’s probably because I have been influenced by the film ‘Classic Romance’.

She normally plays the sweet-innocent kind of character but I’m not interested in those acts (one can only stomach so much glucose). However, she has been trying out some different roles and I’ve bought some of those. In this particular film, she plays the role of a criminal ring-leader of pickpockets. While her acting could do with a little improvement (I’m not entirely convinced that she’s a criminal ring-leader), the same cannot be said of her wardrobe.

I lost count of the number of outfits (after 20) that she actually wore in the whole film. She appeared on screen with a different one for every scene and there were a lot of scenes. In many of the scenes, she was dressed to kill. According to the story, she was supposed to use her sultry charms to her advantage. I noticed the clothes because it was like watching a fashion runway, with a bunch of other things happening in between.

The story itself was rather well written. At the beginning, I thought that this would be another perfectly predictable film from beginning to end. However, it turned out to be less predictable than I had imagined. Furthermore, the film was well edited and presented using flashbacks as a tool to link the storyline. In the end, I think that it was a rather enjoyable film. I’d watch it again if only to see all the outfits once more.

PS: Pics are not mine!!

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