First Post!

Update: In case you didn’t realise, you need to click on the “Front Page” link above to access the main page of the blog!

Hah! I’ve finally decided to cast away the old and start anew. I have had a lot of fun, blogging, this last couple of years. However, it’s time I grew out of the cradle of a hosted service and do my own independent thing.

I am hoping to make a clean break from my old blog, which I feel, has become a little too emotional for my own good. Even the layout and design of this new blog reflects the clean and clear policy. In addition, I have not imported or brought over any of my previous mad ramblings from the old blog. I am hoping that this experiment in re-engineering myself, will work.

The result is this non-personal blog, which I will update as regularly as I can. This will hopefully become the focal point for my thoughts on various subjects viewed through my highly myopic lens of a technology romantic. I shall try my best not to make things too dull.

Previous readers who used feedburner as the feed subscription, would not need to change a thing as the feed has been transferred over. I did not want to lose all my faithful readers either. Other readers who wish to subscribe to this new blog can click on the feed subscription link at the top. Email subscription is also available via the same service.


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