DK Update


I’ve done some more work on the 0.35u DK today. I can now do Auto Place & Route using standard cells. The I can auto layout a ring-oscillator design using standard cell NOR20 cells. I had previously succeeded laying out a custom NOR2 gate using the DK transistors. So, schematic to layout for both standard and custom cells work. However, I’ve yet to try laying out a ring-oscillator using purely custom cells and mixed custom/standard cells.

I am unable to do any LVS, DRC, PEX checks as Calibre doesn’t work with the current RULES file. SJM will need to install an older version of Calibre before I can test it out. I have also NOT yet been successful at simulating digital designs under MODELSIM.

NOTE: The correct SYMBOL and VIEWPOINT needs to be created from within DA-IC before we can do APR using IC.

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