New DK Setup

With the previous problems using the AMI design kits, I got SJM to install the DK for the AMS 0.35u process instead. However, this DK does not work with the newest version of Mentor ICFlow. The problem is with the rules file. ICFlow 2007 removed the use of the POLYNET keyword when defining the rules. So, I switched to using an older version. The rule file loads without errors on pre-2007 ICFlow (2005 & 2006).  However, the pre-2007 ICFlow DA-IC has problems with the Analogue/Mixed-Signal 2006 software. So, I have to resort to switching ICFlows as a temporary work around until SJM fixes the problem.

Schematic Driven Layout
I can safely say that the SDL flow works for the AMS0.35 DK. I could create a custom NOR2 gate in DA-IC and layout the NOR2 gate directly using SDL techniques. However, with the AMS2006 software, I would have difficulty simulating any of the designs. Assuming that the tools are set up correctly, I should be able to do both Standard Cell and custom designs using the AMS0.35 DK. I should say that the schematic for the NOR2 gate was design using the DA-IC from ICFlow 2007.

Project Handout Instructions
AMS provides detailed instructions on their website on how to use the DK. There may be problems accessing it from the Internet but a local copy is installed in the /www directory of the DK install. The steps are fairly concise and straightforward. It should not be difficult adapting these for the project handouts.

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One thought on “New DK Setup”

  1. More interesting results. What would SJM have to do to make this work? Is it a qn of mixing different releases? That sounds a bit iffy esp when we consider there will likely be a need to upgrade again next year. Makes it all the more amazing the Mietec24 lasted as long as it did.

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