Mentor Software Problems

I’d just gotten back from Malaysia and moved into my new room yesterday. I contacted SJM today and he told me that he’s having problems setting up the Mentor software. However, he thinks that he’ll be able to make some progress soon. I’m not sure what the details of the problems are, but hopefully, they’ll be sorted out soon. He says that the same problems exist for different versions of Mentor software.

I’ve  just tried running the software and they’re all complaining of missing various libraries. In certain cases, it seems that the RedHat server has got newer libraries and the Mentor software is looking for older ones. In other cases, it seems that the RedHat server cannot find the libraries even though it’s already located on the system.

I’ve asked SJM to grant me root access to the system so that I can try to help fix the problems. Hopefully, he’ll grant me the access.

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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