Curious Anuar

I’ve been reading the RCI report on TBH and regardless of what everyone thinks, the RCI did find some interesting things.

Para 57: “Anuar, though being IO for the operation, elected to sleep until the next morning in an area supposedly most accessible to the public: at the reception partitioned by a screen. He did not wake up until 8.30am on the 16th when many of the staff had reported for work. Anuar explained that he had chosen this area because it was easily accessible to his officers to consult him. Strangely, however, many officers who passed this area did not even see him there.

Para 58: “At about 8.30am on the 16th, after waking up from his slumber, Anuar declared that he was informed by a lady officer called Norsiah of a bag she noticed at the sofa in front of Nadzri’s room. When Anuar subsequently returned to his room, he saw this bag which he believed had been brought in by TBH the day before. It was on the floor by the side of the sofa in the area described by Norsiah. Beside this bag was a mobilephone. He took possession of these and placed the mobilephone on his table and the bag on a chair in his room. He did not check the contents of the bag. We are puzzled by this rather careless and indifferent attitude adopted by Anuar in relation to the bag and the mobilephone.

Para 59: “We would have thought that Anuar as the IO should have been more vigilant and concerned with what was in the bag. For all intents and purposes it might have been packed with explosives to blow the Selangor MACC office up as the office would no doubt be stored with incriminating evidence against suspects. Further, it defied logic not to be curious particularly when the purported owner of this bag was nowhere to be seen. A look at its contents may have given some clues as to who he was and where he could possibly be.”

Para 60: “But believing that TBH may still be in the office, Anuar went around looking for him. He was later joined by Hairul Ilham who had by then turned up for work. They could not find TBH but took no further steps to determine where he was.


Death by Magic!

Regardless of the cause of death, the MACC needs to man up!That’s the only thing that I could think of when I heard the results of the Teoh Beng Hock inquest.

As you may already know, Teoh Beng Hocks body was found outside the building of the MACC one day and was presumed to have either jumped or been forced out an upper-storey window. He was there at the MACC to assist in investigations of corruption against certain parties. In went a healthy man, and out he came through a window.

After the media circus surrounding his death, another one is about to explode, a year and a half later.

The inquest into his death found that there was neither evidence of suicide nor homicide. Okay, let me put this another way. Someone’s body was found to have fallen off a tall building. A police has to either classify the case as suicide or homicide. The person either jumped off the building, or was forced off the building. Bodies do not just miraculously accelerate downwards.

It does not take a genius to realise that the death needs to either be classified as a suicide or homicide, in order for investigations to proceed. If it is suicide, there will not be any insurance compensation and if it was homicide, then there will need to be insurance compensation. Therefore, there are possible legal and financial implications involved.

But it is only in Malaysia, that a healthy young man who was due to marry later than week can die of neither suicide nor homicide.

It was death by magic!


The video brought tears to my eyes.

PS: This will turn into an election issue. All the opposition needs to do is to march his crying sister through every ‘shaky’ constituency where there are significant swing voters. That should do the trick.