Sex, Lies and Videotape

According to an article in TheStar, the cops have release a video-tape to dispel talk of excessive force used by the police. Honestly, these guys are so stupid that they are just providing more fodder to anyone with the brains to think.

From the article, “Another clip showed Bersih chairman Datuk S. Ambiga being given water, while Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar was given an oxygen mask.” Now, aren’t our police a caring bunch – giving Ambiga some water and Izzah some air to breathe.

Any thinking person would wonder why these two women suddenly developed such desires for water and air for there is only one reason why such a thing would happen – they got tear-gassed – in a tunnel. The cops must be seriously dumb to think that these ladies will thank them for the aid, given that the cops tried to suffocate them.

From the same article, “Batu MP Tian Chua was seen running with a group towards the Light Strike Force officers at KL Sentral. Comm Salleh said the officers had to take action by firing tear gas.”

Honestly, I know that Tian Chua can be a bit of a trouble-maker sometimes but what threat was he posing that the only appropriate reponse was tear-gas. Only in Malaysia, does a bunch of unarmed civilians walking or running towards the police, get greeted with tear-gas. That’s not called a response – it’s called an escalation.

Also, from a related article, “police have denied that they were responsible for the death of Baharuddin Ahmad during the Bersih rally in the city on July 9. Internal Security and Public Order director Comm Datuk Salleh Mat Rasid said police were not even at the site where Baharuddin died following a heart attack at Avenue K, a mall opposite KLCC.”

And I’m sure that just like what happened at Tung Shin, “the allegation that Baharuddin died in a tear gas attack is untrue as no tear gas was fired in the KLCC area during the Padam Bersih 2.0 operation.” Unfortunately for the police, regardless of whether it was true or not, nobody will believe them anymore.

In any civilised country, when the police are on the front-line with water cannons and tear-gas, the ambulances are right behind them ready to treat any injuries. However, in Malaysia, the ambulances are nowhere to be seen and they will probably find it difficult to enter the city as well.

My dear police, there is crime of commission and crime of omission. While the police may not have bludgeoned him to death does not mean that they are not responsible. The police rushed the unarmed civilians at KLCC and created unnecessary panic resulting in one death and numerous injuries.

We need higher policing standards in Malaysia.

Idiotic Goon Pwned

According to an article in TheStar, “Ismail said they lauded Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s suggestion to broadcast video recordings on how the police handled the rally, which would be evidence against claims that police were violent during the rally.”

Only in Malaysia does the Inspector General of Police (IGP) think that by showing the other side of the story, it will white-wash all the evidence of wrong-doings by the police themselves. I’ve got news for you. Regardless of how many videos you show, it will only be a single point-of-view versus the thousands on the Internet.

The fact of the matter is that the police tossed several canisters of tear-gas into Tung Shin hospital’s compound. No amount of white-washing is going to change that. I remember the government sticking to their story that none of that happened until a group of doctors spoke out, forcing the government to back-track.

The fact of the matter is that the police kicked and hit and roughly man-handled unarmed civilian protesters. No amount of white-washing is going to change any of that. The people were merely armed with a stout heart and a clear vision of what a future Malaysia should be. Yellow t-shirts are not a weapon of mass destruction.

“From my observations (on photos and videos on the Internet), I find there is something not quite right. We urge the public to surrender any evidence that can help us get a clear picture of what happened,” he said.

You know, that’s the only sensible thing that the IGP has said – that is something is not quite right. Obviously, he is being duped by his subordinates. The police did do the things that they were accused of doing. Thousands of eye-witnesses, photos and videos will not be silenced.

Dear IGP, there is no smoke without fire – Kalau tak ada api, masakan ada asap?

I’d also like to introduce a new word to the IGP – wikiality – truth by consensus. In a country where the rakyat no longer places much trust in the police, particularly when the police are capable of denying the truth, the informed rakyat will no longer care about the police version of the truth.

Police Honesty

I won’t say much since I think that the police are doing a brilliant job of digging a grave for themselves. Their stories no longer fit together properly.

A news report, that quotes the actual numbers:

Commenting on the rally, IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar said as a result of steps police had in place only about 6,000 managed to gather unlike the crowds seen in the 2007 Bersih rally.

And the general kudos for a job well done today:

Ismail also attributed the smooth crowd control to systematic and professional policing, adding that the number this time was not as large as the gathering for the 2007 Bersih rally due to the steps taken.

And the gem from TheStar archives, Nov 2007:

The police have said it involved 4,000 people while the organisers have put it at 40,000,

Yes, our police force must be the most brilliant in the world, which can say that 6,000 is less than 4,000. Goodness knows what else goes on inside such brilliant minds.

I guess that explains a lot about how they chose to handle things. I must learn mathemagic from them. Repeat to self – 6k is less than 4k… 6k is less than… 6k is… frak it.

And of course, the numbers who were arrested:

A total of 1,667 people were arrested for taking part in various rallies in the city, said Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar.

I must congratulate our police force for a job well done and being so efficient – arresting almost 30% of the participants. Let me put it in another way, that is almost 1-in-3 of the participants.

Take a good look at the photo gracing the front-page of the Thestar today – every third person got arrested! Wish they solved crimes as efficiently.


If they are so honest about this, I wonder what else are they honest about – like the police did not gas Tung Shin Hospital (the multi-storey gray building at the top of the hill).

He also denied allegations that the police team had fired tear gas into the Tung Shin Hospital grounds to disperse crowds gathered there.