Better Indelible Ink?

Seriously, I’d like the EC to use real indelible ink instead of better indelible ink. What is wrong with these people. We need the real stuff instead of more expensive food colouring.

Now I have an inkling why they didn’t use the ones imported from India previously, because those were the real deal.

In Malaysia, we’re merely going to use substitutes.

Media: Postal Voters?

I just read the article in TheStar, which inter alia said that the Election Commission (EC) has agreed to allow media personnel to register as postal voters and that there were provisions in the law that allowed media practitioners to be postal voters.

What provisions?

Unless the election regulations had been amended recently to include media personnel, they are most certainly not covered by the regulations. In fact, while I was clearly covered under the regulations, I was still denied my democratic right to vote, as I had evidenced to the PSC last year.

Is this a case of the EC acting ultra vires and doing whatever it pleases? It wouldn’t surprise me the least if they did because they are denying hard-working Malaysians overseas their constitutional right to vote.

Opening the polling station earlier so that emergency personnel can vote early is one thing. Giving people the right to postal vote when they are not mentioned in the law, and denying others the right to do the same because they are not mentioned in the law, is just illegal.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this.

Agreeing on principle to allow media personnel to become postal voters is one thing. Being legally allowed to do so is quite another. Like I said, unless the specific rules had been amended to include media personnel, the EC is possibly acting ultra vires beyond their powers and authority.

Something is screwed up.