Allah Judges

I have to admit that I am neither an Islamic scholar nor a Muslim.

However, my limited knowledge of Islam tells me that Islam is a monotheistic religion that believes in one and only one God. This is in contrast with a religion like Hinduism that is polytheistic in nature and believes in multiple gods, or a religion like Buddhism that is atheistic in nature and does not have a god at all.

So, the weird thing about the Court of Appeal judgement is that it seems to suggest that there are at least two gods, one that belong to the Muslims identified as ‘Allah’ and another that belongs to the Christians, that is identified by something other than ‘Allah’ in the Malay language.

Now, if the judges were atheists or polytheists, I wouldn’t think much about the decision at all. But I fear that the aqidah or faith of the judges is at risk of deviation simply because they seem to have pronounced that there are at least two different gods.

Personally, I think that the judgement itself is flawed in many other ways but this probably explains why. If they are lost within their own faith, it’s no wonder that they do not understand others.

That’s it.

If you want opinions by other people smarter than me on why this judgement is wrong, just search for the articles on-line.