hemsem hunkI would like to think of myself as a technopreneur with a penchant for designing microprocessors and programming software.

My passion involves a lot of swimming and drowning at the hardware-software surface. I was a doctoral researcher and teaching assistant at the University of Cambridge, working on a hardware accelerator design. I really liked my work even if I did sometimes question its value.

Previously, I was employed by a government applied research institute, working in an area that was strange to me. I was having a lot of fun at the office as I got to interact with a host of interesting characters. Recently, I’ve been appointed a research fellow to a major ICT research institute in Malaysia. I am getting to work with new people, which is always challenging fun.

Presently, I am focused on building a company around my passion. Some people must think me mad for taking this leap of faith and lighting a big fire under my arse in the process. However, I am deluded enough to dream that things have a way of working themselves out.

I do hope that I will not disappoint all the people who have put their faith and belief in me.

Oh, and I’m now reading Law.

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