Hypocrisy in Selangor

Congratulations, rakyat of Selangor, for you have gotten the MB that you deserve.

According to media reports, it seems that Azmin Ali has successfully been appointed as the new MB of Selangor.

Now, this made me laugh out loud – seriously!

Demonstrably Less Popular
I definitely recall that Azmin has demonstrably got less support than Khalid as MB. This was evident in the run up to and right after GE13. When Azmin’s name was floated as an MB candidate, it was roundly rejected by both PAS and DAP.

Now, he is the new MB in-waiting. Both PKR and DAP has indicated their support for him. But that still doesn’t give him the majority support in the Dewan.

So-called Majority Support
The Lady of Selangor has got so-called demonstrated the support of the majority of the Dewan. However, Azmin has failed to demonstrate any support. In fact, he has got demonstrably less support than Khalid.

So, where is the call for Azmin’s resignation or for him to step down?

Blaming the Palace
Please DO NOT blame the palace for taking the action that it did. The Sultan acted entirely within his capacity and based on the best facts available to him at the time. If there is any blame to be had, it should be directed towards those who abused their power to cause the whole fiasco – namely Anwar Ibrahim.

If Anwar Ibrahim had any honour, he would resign to take responsibility for this failed coup. However, that snake has no such thing.

Follow Processes
I hope that this Selangor fiasco serves as a lesson to all people who wish to side-step process in the future. The Constitution spells out rules that regulate power for a reason. If you choose to avoid the Constitution by not casting a vote of no confidence and demonstrating your support outside the Dewan, you are asking for the Sultan to invoke his utter discretion as he has nothing to base his decision off!

If you want to Sultan to respect your decision, your decision needs to have the highest authority of the legislative. Then, the Sultan has something solid to base his decision on, instead of his own gut instinct.

In conclusion, what this fiasco has demonstrated to us is the utter hypocrisy of Pakatan, particularly the PKR and DAP. PAS has been the most consistent of all the parties – while they may have flip-flopped in action, nobody can fault them for being consistent on principle.

Congratulations to Azmin! You have finally achieved the goal that had eluded you for so long, while being the good guy and team player in all of it!

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Shawn Tan

Chip Doctor, Chartered/Professional Engineer, Entrepreneur, Law Graduate.

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