Cancelling Passports

English: Malaysia - regular international pass...
English: Malaysia – regular international passport (Pasport Antarabangsa Malaysia) ICAO Compliant Version (Feb 2010) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that the elections are over, funny season is back, with more crazies than ever!

I read an article in TMI today, about Malaysians getting pissed with the Immigration DG for his threats to “revoke the passports of Malaysians abroad found to have taken part in anti-government activities”. I think that he should check with his boss, the Home Minister first.

You see, according to another article in TMI, our honourable “Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is denying Malaysians the right to a better voting system by telling them to migrate if they are unhappy with Malaysia’s first-past-the-post system.”

Now, those disgruntled Malaysians who have been taking part in anti-government activities would not be able to migrate out of the country if their passports are revoked now, would they?

In fact, the right thing for the Immigration DG to do would be to facilitate his new boss’ idea and to actually expedite the passport processing for these disgruntled Malaysians so that they can all go overseas and cause trouble overseas and get into trouble overseas, just like in Singapore.

Our nearest neighbour is rather worried that their citizens might start learning from us on how to do 198 Non-Violent Actions of civil protest. So, they are taking action against some of those caught by revoking their visas.

Wisma Putra should have a chat with Singapore to keep them disgruntled ones in Singapore, and to maybe convert some of them to Singaporean citizens!

This is just too funny to be true.

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